Bags for your baby carrier

Baby carriers are awesome. But where there’s a baby, there’s also a lot of stuff. And wearing a baby on the front with a changing bag or rucksack on the back is not just a bit dorky (let’s admit it!), but also a bit awkward to manage! Coupled with that, baby change bags, or rucksacks, or any big bags for that matter, are like black holes that swallow everything we put in them!

But luckily, while we like to pack everything but the kitchen sink for an outing with our little ones, there are only some items that we will need to keep close by.

The Pockets are bags that can be worn with your baby carrier and are designed to keep parent and baby essentials where you need them – within easy reach!

The Pocket MINI is designed to carry parent essentials. For most of us that’s our phones, keys and bank cards.

The BIG Pocket is designed to hold both parent and baby essentials, making sure you always have that emergency bottle or hand sanitiser within easy reach! As baby gets older, it also does a fantastic job at holding bribes (aka snacks).

The Pockets are also awesome for airports to keep passports and boarding passes readily to hand – making travelling with a little one just that bit easier.

Best of all, because the Pockets are really stylish, you can wear them on their own, without baby! The Pocket MINI can be used as a clutch bag or will happily attach to any belt on your jeans, perhaps for playdates or even festivals (if you are so lucky!). The BIG pocket will happily sit around your waist, allowing you to be hands free on the go. Fantastic for shopping trips without baby (yes, eventually it does happen again!). On its own, we prefer to wear it on the side hip (rather than out front) to increase the mummy or daddy “cool factor”.

We have a great variety of fabrics available too!

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