The arrival of my gorgeous daughter, Mindy, was followed by an unexpectedly huge source of inspiration as I discovered an array of baby and mummy products I desperately needed, but not available to buy anywhere. Crazy, I thought, surely someone has thought of that. Turns out they hadn’t! So, I extended my career break from the world of pensions and investments and launched Hey Mindy Limited in 2017. Since then, slowly at first while looking after Mindy, I worked to develop some of my favourite product ideas. With the help of some awesome childcare, momentum picked up nicely and I am now super excited to start sharing my ideas with the world!

Tiny tots don’t stop, and neither does my inspiration! I’ve got some fantastic products in the pipeline almost ready to launch and my little black book is brimming with new ideas which are starting to knock knock knock. So keep checking what’s next!
Britt Jones, Founder and CEO


The driving force behind the business is proud mom’preneur, Britt Jones. Britt spent almost 10 years in financial services before the pull was too much to bear and she leaped into the world of baby product mayhem. Britt’s main source of inspiration is her little girl Mindy and all her tiny tot friends, along with her trusted office companions Alfie and Muttley.

Britt Jones, Founder and CEO
Viva the Mom’preneur!

Mindy, Muse
Pure gorgeousness and the official inspiration.

Alfie, Master Office Companion
Responsible for most offensive office smells.

Muttley, Security Guard
Extremely effective at barking at just about anything.

While Britt has a solid business and financial background, this is admittedly a completely new industry for her! She has therefore worked closely with a number of experts across different specialisms to create the Hey Mindy brand and products you see today.

These include:

IP consult: Patent and Registered Design Lawyers

Gilroy and Brooks: Accounting

Innovate Product Design: Product Design Consultant

Victor Rosenberg: Manufacturing Consultant

Michael Beel: Textile Consultant

Katy Walton: Public Relations

Tom O Boyle: Graphic Design

Portraits by Pear Tree: Photography